Travelpro is everything luggage should be.

Can I purchase directly from Travelpro® through your web site, brochure, or directly over the phone?

Travelpro® is anxious to have you as a customer and will help guide your luggage buying decision in every way possible. Travelpro has established an extensive network of specialty luggage and department stores across the country and around the world. You can find these in the Retailers sections of our site. If you do not see one close to you, contact us on our toll-Free Customer Service line, one of our friendly, Customer Service Representatives will be happy to refer you to a Travelpro retailer in your area. 1-800-741-7471

Can I purchase Travelpro® luggage on line?

When shopping on-line you can put your trust in our retailing partners who display the "Certified Travelpro Internet Retailer" logo.


Which Travelpro® Rollaboards® are “Fit To Fly”?

All Travelpro® Rollaboards® 22" and smaller meet the current FAA recommendations for carry-on luggage. Keep in mind that airlines can "gate-check" any luggage that is overpacked and stuffed beyond recommended limits.

Where can I see the complete line of Travelpro® products?

Our complete product line is represented in this web site. Visit your local retailer for pricing and a color catalog.

Available at these department stores located
in major malls:

Bergner's • Bloomingdale’s • Boston Store
CarsonPirieScott • Macy’s • Herberger's • Younkers

Available at these online retailers

Visit the local state listing for a retailer near you.

luggage should be.




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